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Utah Republican: Satan is true leader of Democratic Party

April 28, 2009

Don Larsen, a Republican delegate from Springville, Utah, pushed a resolution to the Utah County Republicans titled, “Resolution opposing the Hate America anti-Christian Open Borders cabal.”  In the resolution Larsen says that an “invisible government” is feeding money to the Democratic Party so that Christianity will erode and our borders will open.  The head of this invisible government is no mere man, but Satan himself.

Barack Obama listens to this guy.

Barack Obama listens to this guy.

The bill is rife with quotes from the Bible, something that clearly belongs in our government.   Larsen stresses the importance of knowing good (Republicans) and evil (Democrats) and that the rift between the two parties fulfills biblical prophecy.   Larsen says that “Satan’s ultimate goal is to destroy the family and these people are playing a leading part in it.”

Sane Republicans in Utah narrowly rejected the resolution.  Led by David Rodeback, a demon in disguise, Republicans decided that aligning themselves with fundamental Christianity may alienate some voters.

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Full Story: Salt Lake Tribune

Quick Link: North Carolina booze laws are outdated

April 9, 2009

It seems as though many states across America have odd alcohol laws.  Utah isn’t the only one.   North Carolina is looking to change there “private club” policy because of its inconsistent application.

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Full Story: Charlotte Observer

Quick Link: Utah leglislature probably won’t override veto of video game bill

April 8, 2009

Looks like Utah gamers may be in the clear for this one.  It doesn’t appear as though the Utah legislature is going to override Jon Huntsman Jr.’s veto of a controversial video games bill.

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Utah Governor finally easing restrictions on booze

March 31, 2009

Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. (R-UT) plans to sign a bill that will finally bring his state into the 19th century.  The current law in Utah forces people to fill out an application in order to enter a bar and to pay a fee.  You are then granted a one year membership to the bar.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." -Benjamin Franklin

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." -Benjamin Franklin

Senate Bill 187 will relinquish these ancient practices.   The new bill will require taverns to have an electronic ID reader to ensure that underage patrons are not allowed in.  Drinking will continue as usual at all college campuses.

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Full Story: The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Governor vetoes unconstitutional video game bill

March 26, 2009

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. vetoed a bill on Thursday that would increase penalties for retailers who sell violent video games to minors.   The bill would fine retailers up to $2000 for every time they were caught selling a violent video game to a minor after two unpenalized infractions.

The zombie apocalypse is coming.  Can you stop it?

The zombie apocalypse is coming. Can you stop it?

In a statement written after the veto, Huntsman clarified his position.  “While protecting children from inappropriate materials is a laudable goal, the language of this bill is so broad that it likely will be struck down by the courts as unconstitutional.”

The bill gained bipartisan support in the House, so much so that it may be able to override the Governor’s veto.

I don’t really understand bills like this.  To me, they are to appease parents that vote.  Instead, why not make laws that criminalize the parents of students that commit school shootings?  But we can’t possibly blame the parents can we?  It has to be Marilyn Manson, Grand Theft Auto, and all that damn caffeine in a can of Coke.

But it’s pretty unusual for a governor to veto this kind of bill.

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