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Obama appears shirtless on magazine cover, has beginnings of manboobs

April 21, 2009

What appears to be a paparazzi photo of Barack Obama shirtless will appear on the cover of Washingtonian magazine this month. Obama, once thought to be one of our fittest presidents, may want to to work on that chest.


Obamama! Lend me your teet.

I’m sure everyone here has a better body than him as well.  Yep.

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Craziest Videos from Tax Day Tea Parties

April 15, 2009

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I’ll keep adding more throughout the day.  Some real gems have already popped up and we’re just getting started on this thing.  Check out the pictures as well.

Crazy man sings unintelligibly in Washington

A Glenn Beck Tea Party gathering really brings out the crazies.

CNN Reporter Harassed at Chicago Tea Party…She’s a bit of a whiner

Tea Party Rally in Concord.  Speaker claims spending and taxing is unconstitutional.  I wonder where that is…oh yeah, it’s not in there.

The hardships of the Washington DC protest.

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Tea Party speech in Dallas

Tea Party speech in Annapolis.  “Crisis is 100 times as grim as 9/11.”

Links to additional videos:

Anderson Cooper:  “It’s hard to talk while you’re teabagging.”

Seattle to vote on imposing bag fees on shoppers

April 2, 2009

Seattle voters will go to the polls in August and vote on a measure that will charge “bag fees” at all retail and grocery stores in order to encourage people to bring their own canvas bags.

American Chemistry Council filmaker believes plastic bags are the future.

American Chemistry Council filmmaker believes plastic bags are the future.

The bill would charge Seattleites $.20 for each plastic bag they take from a store.  Bag fees were actually supposed to be imposed earlier.  Last July, the City Council voted and approved an ordinance that would have gone into effect on January 1, 2009.  That’s when the evil plastic bag lobbyist increased pressure on the city.  The American Chemistry Council managed to convince the City Council to rethink the issue.  The city then decided that they would put pass the buck to the public.

These lobbying firms have the most hypocritical names.  On what planet do chemists encourage More plastic bag use?  It’d be like calling a Fast Food lobbying group “The Cardiology Council.”

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Full Story: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Quick Link: Obama tries to save the spotted owl in the Northwest

April 2, 2009

Obama is the fourth president to pledge support for creating a more livable forest for the spotted owl, even though it’s pretty obvious that god hates all endangered species.

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Full Story: Oregon Live

Seattle GOP leader imprisoned in Nicaragua for biological warfare

April 1, 2009

Arianna Favela is stuck in a prison in Nicaragua.  Favela is the head of the GOP Political Action Committee “County First,” an organization dedicated to electing Republicans in King County, Washington.

An agent of biological warfare

An agent of biological warfare

Favela departed from the United States on March 27th to visit a friend in Nicaragua, but she ran into trouble immediately after getting off the plane.   Her husband Arik Favela explains, “They checked her luggage at customs and found an apple that she packed in her carry-on.  She didn’t eat it during her layover in Dallas.  And by the time she got to customs it was too late to declare it.”

Nicaragua is one of the leading exporters of fruits in Central America.  Customs officials demand that no produce be allowed into the country for fear of foreign parasites.

“She doesn’t speak much Spanish, so when they asked her about the apple, she tried as best she could.  They seized her luggage and took her to a room to ask questions.”

Even with the spread of globalization, most in Nicaragua do not speak English.  An interpreter could not be found so they took Favela to an undisclosed prison where she was able to call her husband.

“They gave her one phone call.  She called and said that I should contact the American Embassy in Nicaragua.  You know what I told her?  Why didn’t you call them in the first place?  I’m not going to give her a handout just because she got herself in a this situation.  She’s got to pull herself up from her bootstraps.”

Arik Favela has since moved on from his life with Arianna.  “I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  That phone call was just a microcosm of America these days.  Too many people that are looking for everyone else to bail them out.  Well, I was against the bailout from the start.  You can quote me on that.”

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Full Story: King County Chronicle