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New Hampshire committee recommends medical marijuana bill

April 23, 2009

A bill that would allow medical marijuana use in the state of New Hampshire has received the green light from the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.   The bill will arrive at the full Senate floor next week.

Legalize it.

Legalize it.

If it passes, New Hampshire will be the 14th state to legalize medical marijuana.  Patients will be able to legally smoke on January 1, 2010.  Seems a bit late, eh?

Now we just need to stop federal prosecutors from busting up perfectly legal medical marijuana dispensaries.

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Quick Link: What does 420 really mean?

April 20, 2009

The Huffington Post published an excellent investigative article this morning centered on the origin of 4/20.  Smokers from the present and past may enjoy it.

Full Story: Huffington Post

Conficker computer virus destroys alleged Ashley Biden video

April 1, 2009

The man who allegedly recorded Ashley Biden snorting cocaine experienced some tough luck Wednesday morning.  The Conficker computer virus evolved at midnight last night and completely destroyed his local hard drive and his USB device that contained copies of the video.

The Conficker virus is the worst computer virus to date.

The Conficker virus is the worst computer virus to date.

After his lawyer Tom Dunlap quit on Monday, the man hired Aaron Ferguson, a civil disputes lawyer from New Hampshire to handle the negotiations.  Ferguson’s past clients include Ferris Otherby and Olga Levinitz, a couple that gained international fame last year for suing their neighbor Alexa Feroli.  After being asked to take off her shoes at the door, Levinitz stepped on a small nail burrowed in Feroli’s carpet.

Otherby and Levinitz won the lawsuit in November and immediately headed to the emergency room.  Otherby defended their bizarre behavior.  “We didn’t have enough money earlier to go to the hospital, so we decided to wait until we won the lawsuit to get it taken care of.”  Judge Paril Folo defended the verdict.  “After the gangrene set in, it was difficult to stay in court for more than an hour because of the smell.  We took a lot of breaks.”

Ferguson contends that the audio portion of the Ashley Biden video is still intact.  “We’ve examined what’s left of the tape and still want the case to move forward.  We are now selling the tape for $50,000, as you can still hear Ms. Biden snorting the cocaine.”

The Biden family has had no comment on this developing story.

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Full Story: The Delaware Post

Obama tells mayor of Washington DC that he supports legalizing marijuana in the city limits

April 1, 2009

President Barack Obama told Mayor of Washington D.C. Adrian Fenty early Wednesday morning that he would support City Council Bill 041 that allows for small quantities of marijuana to be purchased, sold, and used within the city limits.

Marijuana may soon be legalized in the city limits of Washington D.C.

Bill 041 was drafted in late February by Archie Foster, a representative from Ward 9, and has had some difficulty getting through the city’s budget committee.    Obama said Wednesday that the budget deficit in Washington was unprecedented and that the city should examine all avenues for potential revenue.  “I don’t think people should use marijuana,” he said. “But we have to act responsibly in this volatile economy.  If the city cannot find another way of generating revenue, then Bill 041 should be adopted.”

Fenty was surprised by the President’s endorsement.  “I’ve urged our city council members to examine every resource at our disposal.  We still haven’t decided for certain what we’re going to do.”

Fenty has been mayor of Washington only two years.  “This is not what I expected to be doing when I came into office,” he said. “But I’m encouraged by any help we can receive from the people at the Capitol.”

Bill 041 does carry some strict regulations for marijuana use.  The plants will undergo scrutiny from the Washington Board of Public Health before they are dispatched to city-approved distribution centers.  The sunset clause on the Bill ends April 1st, 2010.

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Full Story: Washington Post-Intelligencer

Government launches mental health website to get you through Recession

March 31, 2009

The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration launched a new website Monday aimed at helping people get through the current economic crisis without putting a bullet in their head.

Matthew Perry?

Matthew Perry?

The guide provides information about how to effectively manage stress as well as how to spot signs of alcoholism, drug addiction, and depression.   The site also contains links for troubled homeowners that may help to alleviate some of their stress.

It may not look pretty right now, but the United States will get through this recession.  Here is a tip: You can actually make money off of this recession if you do a little research.  If you are particularly stressed about finances, talk to some of your friends and try to get it on the toxic assets that the government will be selling.  They are going to be backed 97% by the FDIC.

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Ashley Biden shot with hidden camera, lawyer quits

March 30, 2009

On Sunday evening, it was discovered that the man who allegedly filmed Ashley Biden snorting cocaine used a hidden camera.  This revelation is a serious matter for the man attempting to peddle the tape.  It is illegal to video record a United States citizen without consent.

When Im in a real jam, I just lick the edge of my Discover card.

When I'm in a real jam, I just lick the edge of my Discover card.

Tom Dunlap, the attorney for the man with the hidden camera, quit his job as legal counsel after the discovery was made.    The man who shot the tape was attempting to sell it for $250,000.   The tape allegedly shows a woman that resembles Ashley Biden snorting three lines of cocaine.  Then, the tape cuts out.  The tape was shot in Willmington, Delaware.

And I’m just about sick of this fucking story.  Legalize it and then let whoever is on the tape snort 10 lines if they want to.  I didn’t get in fights in junior high so that our civil liberties could later be crushed by some asshole Drug Czar.   And what is with us having Czars?  I mean, we might as well call them the Drug Comrade.  You know what happened to the last Czar of Russia?  They beheaded the bastard.

FULL STORY: Radar Online

Is the Ashley Biden cocaine scandal a fraud?

March 29, 2009


Tommy Christopher deserves credit on this one.

At the same time, I think he’s wrong.  Politicians can do all kinds of crazy shit when under the protection of the Secret Service.  Drugs, random hookups, and wanton invasions of Arab countries top the list.  Ashley Biden could have snorted the cocaine off the butt of one of her Secret Service member’s guns if she wanted to.

Laughter is a symptom of cocaine abuse.

Laughter is a symptom of cocaine abuse.

The most convincing bit of his argument is the allegation that the shooter had a similar tape in August of 2008, just a few months before the Presidential election.  Apparently he was unable to sell such a tape.  The problem with this argument is that I don’t recall this August tape every being discussed.  Even if the shooter were unable to sell it, he still would have gone straight to the media to proliferate his story.

There are definitely more details on the way.  But these little tidbits do not disprove the original story.  Is there doubt that it’s true?  Of course.  But there always was.

Here is a link to the original story.

Reagan’s daughter discusses Playboy pictures on CBS Sunday Morning

March 29, 2009

You think Ashley Biden is wild?  How about the Bush twins?  Neither are in the same realm as Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis.  Davis appeared on CBS Sunday Morning and discussed her relationship with her presidential parents as well as the infamous Playboy shoot.

Bill Gates needed an introduction back then.

Bill Gates needed an introduction back then.

The Playboy shoot was really just icing on a cake that had been baking for years.  Davis publicly admitted smoking pot, banging members from the Eagles, and standing fervently against her father’s position on nuclear weaponry.  In his autobiography, President Reagan said “She thinks I am wrong and that she is against everything I stand for.”

During the interview, Davis said that she apologized to her mother years ago and that their relationship eventually improved.  At the same time, Davis says that their relationship is no “Hallmark card.”

I can’t imagine that we’ll be seeing Patti Davis at the next NRA meeting.  But it’s good to see that families with opposing views don’t have to hate each other just because one member decides to shout “Democrat” and the other side decides to shout “Republican.”

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Quick Link: Republican judge wants to legalize marijuana

March 29, 2009

Jim Gray, a former judge in Orange County, wants to legalize marijuana immediately in order to stop the violence in Mexico.

Politicians get reelected talking tough regarding the war on drugs.  Do you want to hear the speech? Vote for Gray. I will put drug dealers in jail and save your children.

FULL STORY: Los Angeles Times

Friend of Biden’s daughter allegedly catches her snorting cocaine on video

March 28, 2009

Update 2:

Update 1:

Vice President Joe Biden may have to ground his 27 year-old daughter Ashley, a social worker in Delaware.  A friend (soon to be enemy) of Ashley’s apparently shot video of her snorting cocaine at a party this month.

Damn, thats hot.

Damn, that's hot.

The video shows a woman in her twenties snorting cocaine through a red straw.  She appears to know that she is being filmed.  Another person on the video resembles Ashley’s boyfriend of several years.  The movie runs for roughly 45 minutes.

That friend is about to get paid.  I hate the precedent stories like this set, but you can get paid big bucks in this country for doing all kinds of deceitful shit.  Celebrities of all kinds experience these problems.   But most of them ask for it.  Poor Ashley Biden lives in fucking Delaware.  She’s not asking for attention, just a regular life.

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FULL STORY: New York Post